Idiotic Media | How much does Twin Strings charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Twin Strings charge for One Instagram Post?

Twin Strings, an Indie boy band and music producer hailing from New Delhi, India, have significantly impacted the music scene since its formation in 2017. Comprised of the talented members Sagar, Sahil, Manav, and Mohit Deen, the band has captivated audiences with melodious harmonies and creative musical arrangements. 

The group is renowned for its excellent cover songs and distinctively conceived original music. The multifaceted group also has a studio for the production of music and videos. From the moment they were formed, they dominated YouTube with their popular covers, which have received millions of views. 

Twin Strings formation, early career, recognition, and more 

The twin brothers Sagar and Sahil began making music together while studying engineering, along with their cousin brother Mohit Deen. Mohit then enrolled at the “Beat Factory” in Delhi and studied sound production and engineering. While Sagar played the guitar, Sahil played the keyboard and decided to record some videos. With Mohit Deen’s assistance on the drums and Cajon, they created some extremely soulful and poignant songs. 

The trio then collaborated with their childhood buddy Nupur Sanon to create their first audio cover and post, which soon became quite popular. The first ever self-shot video cover, Janam Janam – Dilwale | Cover by Nupur Sanon ft. Twin Strings was made available to the public on December 24, 2015, serving as the listeners’ first Christmas gift. When Mohit Deen temporarily left in 2016 to pursue an MBA, Sagar & Sahil created their own YouTube channel and named it “Twin Strings.” 

The band sought a fourth person to join as its lead vocalist. Midway through 2017, they heard Manav singing a sloppy copy of a Lucky Ali hit on Instagram. At the time, Manav was employed by an IT MNC. Manav has played the keyboard almost exclusively since he was a young child. He was a member of “Guillotine,” one of India’s most well-known metal bands, among other groups. The band collaborated with Manav on their first cover song, Raabta, on July 8, 2017. After that, they worked together on several projects with him until 2019, when he became a full-time singer for the group. 

Twin Strings Instagram, Covers, Originals, and Collabs

Twin Strings maintain an active presence on Instagram, using the platform to engage with their fans and share updates about their music. They have leveraged the platform to showcase their talent, collaborate with other artists, and personally connect with their 118K followers. Thus, Twin Strings’ Instagram charge for one Instagram post is- 

Instagram reel- 40K – 90K

Instagram story- 30K – 80K

Instagram static- 30K – 80K

Instagram carousel- 25K – 70K

Twin Strings’ discography boasts diverse songs that showcase their musical prowess and creativity. Their debut songs have garnered widespread acclaim for its refreshing sound and innovative compositions. Some of their notable tracks include Dhalti Rahe, Tujhse Hoti Hai Subha, and Doorie, which resonated deeply with their audience and garnered millions of views and streams across digital platforms.

Early Twin Strings collaborations with other artists, including Nupur Sanon, Pavitra Krishnan, Raghav Chaitanya, and Rashmeet Kaur, garnered a lot of appreciation from YouTube fans, which sped up the channel’s subscriber growth. In addition to their original compositions, Twin Strings continued to release captivating covers of popular songs, infusing their unique musical style into each rendition. Their ability to reinvent familiar tunes with their signature harmonies and soulful arrangements set them apart from other artists in the industry. 

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Trivia or Amazing Facts about Twin Strings

  • The trio used to have their old channel, “Deen Productions,” where they uploaded cover songs and audio. 
  • Manav gives credit to Sahil and Sagar for his name as lead vocalist, as they were the ones who made him realize his vocal talent.