Idiotic Media | How Much Does Tushar Silawat Charge for One Instagram Post?

How Much Does Tushar Silawat Charge for One Instagram Post?

Tushar Silawat is an Indian model, Tiktoker, and social media influencer who has marked his presence on social media through his content creation skills. Certainly, his fan following has made brands go woo about promotions through him.

Indeed, his innovative hair color changes are too appealing which makes his fans adore him a little more. So, if you are also a Tushu’s fan and want to explore facts about him then this is the best place. Read here about Tushar Silawat’s biography, personal life, content creator, Instagram, hometown, birthday, and more.

Tushar Silawat’s Personal Life, Education, Birthday, and Family

Tushar or Tushi whose birthday falls on November 4 as was born on the same date back in 2002 was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Certainly, there is no information disclosed about his education or higher education.

However, it is studied that he dropped school in 11th standard and post sometime resumed his studies. Tushar’s father’s name is not known yet but his mother’s name is Riya Silawat. Additionally, it is acknowledged that he has a sister. 

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Tushar’s Instagram Charges, Career, Girlfriends, and more

back in 2017, Tushu uploaded a Tiktok whose content was based on a fidget spinner which in a year (by 2018) made him gain 50k followers. Certainly, what made him drop out of school was one such incident on social media. He posted a video with a knife included in a way due to which his account was banned. Even, was made fun of which demotivated him and he left his studies.

However, after gaining back his confidence and restarting his social interest whilst at the same time gaining a lot of followers. Thus, now he has 4.8M followers on Instagram. Consequently, Tushar Silawat’s Instagram Charges include-

Instagram Story- 90k- 1lacs

Instagram Reel- 80k- 90k

Instagram Static- 70k- 80k

Instagram Carousel- 80k- 90k

Tushar Silawat has his YouTube channels as well. One of his YouTube channels was started after the COVID lockdown in 2020 as “Tushars World”. In the escalation of his career, he has been an influencer promoting various brands & their merchandise.

Also, he has appeared in the video “Mera He Rehna”. While many of Tushu’s fans want to know about his career aspect, there still are people who want to take a sneak peek at his love life. Certainly, his ex-girlfriend was a social media influencer-Purabi, Bhargava. However, it is now known that he is dating Aryanshi Sharma. 

Trivia/Interesting Facts about Tushar Silawat

  • He has two cute nicknames given by his fans- Tushu/Tushi
  • Tushar has many tattoos on his body
  • He is an ardent dog lover & has a pet Jojo
  • He admires Danish Zehen to be his role model
  • He is a gaming boy

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