Idiotic Media | How much does Trisha Krishnan charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Trisha Krishnan charge for One Instagram Post?

Trisha Krishnan, a name that resonates with cinematic brilliance, has carved an enduring niche in Tamil and Telugu cinema. From her humble beginnings as the 1999 Miss Chennai pageant winner, Trisha’s trajectory into the film industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. Recognized as the “Queen of South India,” she has graced the silver screen with her mesmerizing performances and remarkable versatility.

Trisha Krishnan’s Entry into Cinema, Successful Work, Critically Acclaimed, and More

Born to a Tamil family in Chennai, Trisha Krishnan’s journey into the limelight was nurtured by her supportive upbringing. Her uncredited supporting role in the Tamil romantic drama “Jodi” (1999) laid the foundation for her illustrious career, offering a glimpse of her potential. Trisha’s filmography is adorned with many memorable roles that have solidified her status as a cinematic icon. 

She achieved fame with lead roles in hit films like “Mounam Pesiyadhe” (2002), “Saamy” (2003), “Ghilli” (2004), “Varsham” (2004), “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana” (2005), and more. Her ability to shine in Tamil and Telugu cinema is a testament to her remarkable acting prowess. 

Trisha’s performances in critically acclaimed films like “Abhiyum Naanum” (2008), “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa” (2010), “Kodi” (2016), “’96” (2018), and the recent historical dramas “Ponniyin Selvan: I” (2022) and “Ponniyin Selvan: II” (2023) have garnered her widespread acclaim. Notably, her roles in “Kodi” and “’96” earned her the Critics Award and the Best Actress award, respectively.

Trisha Krishnan’s Instagram, Versatility Beyond South Cinema, Recognition, and Awards

Trisha’s Instagram provides an intimate glimpse into her personal and professional life, offering fans a closer connection to their beloved actress. Her engaging posts, behind-the-scenes moments, and interactions with 6 million followers continue to reinforce her status as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Thus, Trisha Krishnan’s Instagram charge for one Instagram post is- 

Instagram reel- 5lac – 10lac

Instagram story- 3lac – 4lac

Instagram static- 3lac – 5lac

Instagram carousel- 2lac – 4lac

Trisha Krishnan’s talents extend beyond regional boundaries. She ventured into Hindi cinema with “Khatta Meetha” (2010), showcasing her ability to captivate audiences with her performances irrespective of language barriers.

Trisha Krishnan’s cinematic journey has been marked by numerous accolades and honors. She has clinched five Filmfare Awards South, a Nandi Award, a Tamil Nadu State Film Award, and seven South Indian International Movie Awards. Her prowess as an actress has earned her a place among the best in South Indian cinema.

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Trivia or Amazing Facts About Trisha Krishnan 

  • Trisha competed in several beauty pageant competitions and was crowned Miss Madras at sixteen.
  • Uma, Trisha’s mother, and she are very close.
  • She served as the animal NGO’s goodwill ambassador. 
  • Trisha enjoys exploring the world and trying new places.