How much does Shivam Sharma charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Shivam Sharma charge for One Instagram Post?

Shivam Sharma is a multi-talented person who creates engaging stories out of his trips on Instagram, a massive platform where every post offers a window into someone’s world. As a musician, filmmaker, and wanderer, his feed is a veritable gold mine of inventiveness, ingenuity, and catchy songs.

Instagram serves as a creative canvas, a storytelling stage, and a forum for people to share their passions in addition to being a place to share moments. Shivam Sharma is a shining example of inspiration in this dynamic digital era. He uses his platform to share with the world his trips, filming exploits, and musical abilities.

Capturing Moments, Creating Melodies: The World of Shivam Sharma

With a distinct blend of skills, Shivam Sharma started his career as an Instagram influencer. He is known for his adventurous nature and artistic flare. Shivam, who is from [name his hometown/country], was passionate about music, storytelling, and adventure as he set off on the journey. Shivam’s feed showcases his creative ability, showcasing everything from engaging flicks and beautiful music to breathtaking vacation images. 

Shivam’s fan base grew as his abilities were acknowledged. What started out as a side project for fun quickly developed into a successful career, with companies willing to work with him on projects that highlighted his distinctive combination of travel, filmmaking, and musical abilities. Shivam’s material, which ranged from sponsored trip campaigns to music collaborations, connected with listeners of all ages and backgrounds, winning him a devoted fan base and multiple awards.

The Art of Exploration: Shivam Sharma’s Visual and Musical Masterpieces

Shivam Sharma has received appreciation from both peers and fans for his talent and inventiveness. While filmmakers value his storytelling skills and cinematic eye, travelers enjoy his breathtaking photos and perceptive travel guides. His passionate compositions and melodic vocals fascinate music fans. With a mix of musical performances, travel experiences, and filmmaking lessons, his Instagram feed has attracted a devoted fan base that looks forward to his next post.

Shivam Sharma is a brilliant illustration of artistic adaptability in a world where passions collide and creativity has no boundaries. His impact will surely encourage countless people to follow their ambitions and showcase their abilities to the public as he travels the world, tells tales through films, and serenades audiences with his songs.

Instagram reel- 40k-90k

Instagram story- 30k- 80k

Instagram static- 30k-80k

Instagram carousel-25k-70k

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Trivia or Amazing Fact about Shivam Sharma

  • He is a Filmmaker & A Singer by profession.
  • He got 20 Million on his first song on Spotify.
  • He believes in God with great faith.