Idiotic Media | How much does Sahiba Singh charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Sahiba Singh charge for One Instagram Post?

Sahiba Singh is more than just a typical fashion influencer; she’s a style icon, a trailblazer, and a fashion storyteller. Sahiba invites her followers to go on a voyage of sartorial discovery with her Instagram username, wanderlustbysahiba, where fashion meets creativity and individualism knows no limitations.

Sahiba’s infatuation with colors, textures, and patterns ignited her passion for clothes at an early age. Sahiba quickly transformed her hobby into a passion after seeing how fashion could be a powerful tool for expressing one’s individuality and emotions.

Dress to Impress: Sahiba Singh’s Tips for Effortless Elegance

Sahiba showcases her unique sense of style on Instagram, skillfully fusing strong statements, unexpected twists, and traditional elegance. Her style, which ranges from stylish streetwear to elegant evening wear, is a reflection of her varied inspirations, influences, and moods.

But Sahiba’s material aims to do more than just show off clothesβ€”it tells a tale, stirs feelings, and encourages creativity. Her audience is taken to diverse worlds and encouraged to put themselves in her shoes through the thoughtful curation of each post, which aims to communicate a certain mood or topic.

The Art of Dressing: Sahiba Singh’s Creative Expression Through Clothing

In addition to her Instagram following, Sahiba is a fervent supporter of ethical and sustainable fashion. She thinks that consumers should choose their clothes carefully and support companies that put social and environmental responsibility first.

In a world where fashions change frequently, Sahiba Singh is a shining example of uniqueness, originality, and self-assurance. She inspires her followers on Instagram to embrace their individuality, express themselves bravely via clothing, and revel in the process of self-discovery.

Instagram reel- 40k-90k

Instagram story- 30k- 80k

Instagram static- 30k-80k

Instagram carousel-25k-70k

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Trivia or Amazing Fact about Sahiba Singh

  • She is a lifestyle influencer
  • She loves to dance 
  • She loves to cook 
  • She loves makeup