How much does Ravinder Singh charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Ravinder Singh charge for One Instagram Post?

Ravinder Singh, a name synonymous with heartfelt storytelling, is not just an accomplished Indian software engineer but also a bestselling author known for his touching and relatable novels. With nine novels to his name, Singh has left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary Indian literature. His debut novel, “I Too Had a Love Story,” not only launched his career as a writer but also helped him cope with a personal tragedy. 

Ravinder Singh’s Early Life, Career, Transition from IT Professional to Author, and More

Ravinder Singh was born into a Sikh family in Calcutta, West Bengal, and spent his formative years in Burla, Orissa. His educational journey began at Guru Nanak Public School in Sambalpur. Singh’s passion for technology led him to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering in computer science engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College in Karnataka.

After completing his engineering degree, he ventured into the corporate world and joined Infosys Technologies in Bhubaneshwar, where he honed his skills as an IT professional. Seeking further knowledge and career opportunities, he pursued an MBA at the prestigious Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.

Singh’s transition from a successful IT professional to a full-time author is a remarkable tale of following one’s passion and turning adversity into opportunity. His journey into the world of writing was inspired by a tragic incident in his life. Before he could formally propose marriage to his girlfriend, she tragically passed away in 2007. This devastating loss left Singh grappling with grief and pain.

However, he found solace in writing and decided to adapt his own story into a novel. This therapeutic process allowed him to channel his emotions and memories into words, helping him cope with the tragedy that had befallen him. Little did he know that this endeavor would mark the beginning of a successful literary career.

“I Too Had a Love Story” is not just a novel; it’s a deeply personal and emotionally charged narrative. Based on the real-life incident of how Singh met his girlfriend, their blossoming romance, and its heart-wrenching end, the book struck a chord with readers. After a six-month search, an editing team forwarded the manuscript to the publisher Srishti, who recognized the power of Singh’s storytelling and decided to publish the book.

The novel was unveiled at a press conference in Chandigarh, marking the official beginning of Ravinder Singh’s literary journey. “I Too Had a Love Story” resonated with readers who appreciated its simplicity, honesty, and emotional depth. The book’s audio version was also launched in mid-2011, expanding its reach and accessibility. 

Ravinder Singh’s Instagram, Expanding Literary Horizons, Best Selling Novels, and Fame

In today’s digital age, Ravinder Singh is not just a prolific writer but also an influential presence on social media. His Instagram serves as a platform for 413K followers, where he shares glimpses of his life, literary updates, and engaging content. Thus, Ravinder Singh’s Instagram charge for one Instagram post is- 

Instagram reel- 40K – 90K

Instagram story- 30K – 80K

Instagram static- 30K – 80K

Instagram carousel- 25K – 70K

Following the success of his debut novel, Ravinder Singh’s literary repertoire continued to grow. His subsequent novels, including “Can Love Happen Twice?,” “Like It Happened Yesterday,” “Love Stories That Touched My Heart,” “Tell Me A Story,” “Your Dreams Are Mine Now,” “This Love That Feels Right,” “Will You Still Love Me?,” and “The Belated Bachelor Party,” further cemented his position as a beloved author.

His ability to craft stories that resonate with readers’ hearts, explore the complexities of love and relationships, and provide solace through words has earned him a dedicated fan base. His debut novel, “I Too Had a Love Story,” received a heartfelt review from N R Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus of Infosys Technologies. Murthy praised the book as “Simple, honest, and touching,” affirming the emotional impact of Singh’s storytelling.

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Trivia or Amazing Facts About Ravinder Singh  

  • Singh is a fitness enthusiast.
  • He has a passion for gardening. 
  • He is been a part of various literature festivals.