How much does Punya Khurana charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Punya Khurana charge for One Instagram Post?

Explore the fascinating art of makeup artists on Instagram, where each video reveals a new technique and each brushstroke reveals a tale. Punya Khurana is in the leaders of this fascinated world with her engaging makeup videos that engage her viewers in a creative and beautiful universe.

Enter the magical world of Instagram, where beauty videos serve as doors to change rather than merely tutorials. Punya Khurana, also known as the makeup artist, attracts her audience with her artistic ability to transform faces into blank canvases. Every film is an adventure that takes viewers on a discovery of shades, styles, and fashions. Instagram turns into a digital beauty salon where each brush stroke and color swipe is an artistic masterpiece. She encourages, informs, and encourages her audience to explore their inner artist rather than only performing. 

The Artistry of Makeup: Punya Khurana’s Instagram Journey

Emojis and complimentary remarks from followers create an environment of admiration in the comment area. Her videos are more than just entertaining; they’re a celebration of beauty in all its forms, where self-expression and confidence are encouraged and celebrated.

Explore her Instagram bio to learn more about her remarkable career in the beauty industry. Punya was born and developed in India, and her bio relates to her love of makeup and commitment to her profession. Her path is a monument to talent and dedication; from starting off experimenting with cosmetics to becoming a desired beauty artist and influencer. Her profile serves as more than just a summary; it’s a road map for success that encourages aspiring makeup artists to go for their goals headfirst.

As we learn more about her work, her Instagram posts tell her story in chapters, highlighting her development as a businesswoman and artist. Her journey from her early days as a cosmetics enthusiast to her current position as a beauty expert is proof of her forever dedication to quality and creativity.

From Blush to Brilliance: Punya Khurana’s Makeup Masterclass

Punya Khurana receives recognition in the fast-paced world of Instagram that goes beyond simple comments; rather, it is a statement of appreciation and gratitude from her devoted fans. Her beauty videos fascinate viewers around and encourage them to try out new styles and methods. As admirers express her love and compliments, the comment area turns into a place of confidence. Her artistry and expertise are acknowledged by both fellow makeup artists and beauty fans, who commend her for her creativity, skill, and love of cosmetics.

Instagram reel- 40k-90k

Instagram story- 30k- 80k

Instagram static- 30k-80k

Instagram carousel-25k-70k

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Makeup Artist

Trivia or Amazing Facts About Punya Khurana

  • She is a Pro Makeup Artist, Educator , Entrepreneur and Beauty Content Creator
  • Founder of Puchi (multi- brand cosmetic store).