How much does Pooja Mallick charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Pooja Mallick charge for One Instagram Post?

Pooja Mallick shines like an elegant light within the rainbow of Instagram, where pixels tell tales of splendor, beauty, and inspiration. Welcome to a virtual paradise where endless opportunities for beauty, skincare, haircare, and style inspiration are revealed with each swipe. Pooja’s Instagram accoun is a showcase for the artistic ability of living a stylish life rather than merely a collection of pictures. Imagine beauty, skincare, and haircare advice dancing with well chosen outfits as we go on this visual journey—a style song that comes to life with each click. Prepare to be excited, as Pooja Mallick redefines beauty through her Instagram posts, rather than only showcasing it.

Pooja’s content is a beautiful blend of sophistication and approachability; it provides her audience with useful advice on how to improve their personal style in addition to stunning visuals. 

From Glamour to Guidance: Exploring Pooja Mallick’s Instagram 

Pooja Mallick’s Instagram presence has received positive feedback from both industry insiders and her followers. Her admirers praise her for her skillful blending of skincare, haircare, and beauty advice to create a comprehensive approach to personal grooming. Her carefully chosen wardrobe ideas are well-received for their sophistication and ability to suit a wide range of preferences and events. She is praised by industry insiders for her genuineness, describing her as a trailblazer who values uniqueness in a society where uniformity is frequently the rule. Her admiration goes beyond appearances; her dedication to provide her followers with useful advice and inspiring material has established her as a positive influencer in the digital sphere.

ooja Mallick’s Instagram universe is centered around her dedication to elevating beauty in all of its manifestations. Her films on skincare, haircare, and makeup are more than just procedures; they’re personal dialogues in which she shares routines and techniques that go beyond simple self-care. Her advice isn’t restricted by social conventions; rather, it’s an expression of originality that inspires her followers to value their own beauty. Every post, from do-it-yourself skincare recipes to professionally applied makeup, is a stroke of confidence.

A Visual Symphony of Beauty and Fashion

Pooja Mallick is a talent in the fascinating world of fashion, even beyond beauty. Her wardrobe choices are a visual symphony that play notes of style, individuality, and trendiness. Style innovation is welcome in Pooja’s wardrobe, which ranges from casual chic to red carpet magnificence. Every ensemble she chooses conveys a tale, one mixed with elements of style and self-assurance. 

Pooja Mallick’s influence goes beyond fashion and beauty aesthetics. Her content celebrates uniqueness, empowerment, and self-expression rather than focusing only on aesthetic appeal. Through skincare schedules, dress ideas, and beauty advice, Pooja cultivates a community that lives beyond the confines of a computer screen. Followers take part in a movement where authenticity is expected and confidence is the dress code. They do more than just engage. 

Instagram reel- 40k-90k

Instagram story- 30k- 80k

Instagram static- 30k-80k

Instagram carousel-25k-70k

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Trivia or Amazing Facts About Pooja Mallick

  • She loves to be the centre of attention
  • She likes to do acting
  • She likes to wear sarees