How much does Niharika Tiwari charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Niharika Tiwari charge for One Instagram Post?

Niharika Tiwari is a talented actress who rose to prominence through her appearance on the popular television show “MTV Roadies Real Hero.” Her journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by passion, determination, and a commitment to her craft. With her natural acting skills and vibrant personality, Niharika has captured the hearts of audiences nationwide. 

Niharika Tiwari’s Early Life, Balaji Telefilms, Auditions, and More 

On August 21, 1997, in Geedam, Chhattisgarh, Niharika Tiwari was born. Abhas Tiwari is her father, while Shyama Tiwari is her mother. She spent much time in Bhilai City, Dantewada, and Raipur. Niharika finished her primary schooling at Dantewada’s Central School. She arrived in Bhilai to finish her BBA after completing the 12th grade. Tiwari later departed in the middle because she was exhausted. She then enrolled at Amity University in Raipur to pursue mass communication. 

During her studies, Niharika moved to Mumbai, the city of dreams, to work as a video editor for Balaji Telefilms. Niharika had aspired to be a roadie since she was young. She traveled to Indore to audition for MTV Roadies despite the opposition of her father and grandfather, Vijay Prasad Tiwari. On February 13th, 2019, Niharika appeared in an audition in Indore, where 7,000 aspirants from central India participated. Only 16 persons were chosen for the personal interview phase after the group discussion. In the end, Niharika was one of only 5 survivors.

Niharika Tiwari’s Instagram, MTV Roadies, and Widespread Recognition

To stay updated with Niharika Tiwari’s latest projects, films, and endeavors, follow her on Instagram as she provides a glimpse into her life, featuring updates and behind-the-scenes moments with her 1.3 million followers. Niharika Tiwari’s Instagram charge for one Instagram post is- 

Instagram reel- 2lac – 5lac

Instagram story- 90K – 3lac

Instagram static- 1lac – 3lac

Instagram carousel- 90K – 4lac

Niharika Tiwari gained widespread recognition and a dedicated fan following through her participation in the television show “MTV Roadies Real Hero.” Known for its grueling challenges and intense competition, MTV Roadies provided a platform for Niharika to showcase her determination, physical prowess, and mental strength.

Her journey on the show resonated with audiences as she fearlessly tackled obstacles and showcased her competitive spirit. Her participation in MTV Roadies further solidified her popularity and introduced her to a wider audience. From her early career in films to her memorable stint on MTV Roadies, she has made a significant impact. She continues to pave her way to success.

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Trivia or Amazing Facts about Niharika Tiwari

  • Niharika underwent a month of training to be chosen for MTV Roadies.
  • She is fluent in French in addition to Hindi and English.