How much does Keshav Malo charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Keshav Malo charge for One Instagram Post?

Greetings from Keshav Malo, the hilarious wizard on Instagram, and welcome to his world of clever sarcasm and infectious laughter. Keshav’s feed, with its razor-sharp wit and unabashedly caustic manner, is a haven for people who value humour that transcends everyday life. Keshav’s videos are a great blend of humour and sarcasm, ranging from brilliant insights on pop culture to stinging criticism on everyday follies. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a hilarious and sassy journey with Keshav Malo!Renowned for his sharp observations on absurdities in life and his lightning-fast wit, Keshav Malo is a master of satire and sarcasm. Keshav was raised in India and had a gift for sarcasm at a young age. He used humour as a coping strategy to help him understand the complexity of the world around him.

Following his graduation, Keshav made the decision to turn his passion for comedy into a successful career. He created the Instagram account to share his distinct sense of humour. What was initially a side project quickly acquired popularity as viewers connected with Keshav’s witty banter and irreverent outlook on life through his videos.

Sarcasm Unleashed: Inside the Mind of Instagram’s Master of Wit, Keshav Malo

The Bio and Career of Keshav Malo:Comedic maestro Keshav Malo is renowned for his unmatched skill at satire and sarcasm. Keshav, who was raised in India, developed a sense of humour at a young age and learned to deal with life’s ups and downs by employing sarcasm. He soon gained a reputation as the class clown and the one to turn to for a good laugh because of his quick wit and caustic tongue.

Keshav made the decision to follow his love of humour full-time after graduating from college and jumped right into the field of video development. He created Instagram account to display his distinct sense of humour, which combines witty repartee with stinging sarcasm.

The Style of Comedy of Keshav

Keshav’s humour is distinguished by its wit, irreverence, and bold attitude to discussing sensitive subjects. He uses sarcasm as a weapon to make fun of everyday absurdities, cultural clichés, and society standards. He has a talent for discovering humour in the most banal situations.The Keshav’s humorous abilities have drawn the interest of businesses, media organisations, and other artists, resulting in partnerships and collaborations on a variety of platforms. Keshav’s partnerships have enabled him to access a wider audience, establish connections with fresh demographics, and pursue novel forms of artistic expression, ranging from sponsored content to special guest spots on podcasts and web series.

Keshav Malo never fails to fascinate audiences and push the boundaries of comedy with his bold humour, razor-sharp wit, and unflinching devotion to keeping it authentic. Keshav’s comedic brilliance is evident in all of his works, whether they be humorous videos, live performances, or group endeavours that make people laugh and smile.Keshav’s ability to give scathing remarks while grinning makes even the sharpest criticisms appear sympathetic and amusing, which is one of his greatest comedic qualities. His films, which frequently address issues like social media, politics, and relationships, offer a welcome break from the seriousness of the world.

Keshav is well-known for his comic abilities as well as his versatility as a performer. 

Instagram reel- 40k-90k

Instagram story- 30k- 80k

Instagram static- 30k-80k

Instagram carousel-25k-70k

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Trivia or Amazing Facts About Keshav Malo

  • He observes well and make content out of it
  • He has 1m+ subscribers on YouTube.