How much does Girish Pradhan charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Girish Pradhan charge for One Instagram Post?

Girish Pradhan, a talented rock singer and the lead vocalist of the popular rock band Girish and The Chronicles (GATC), is synonymous with raw talent and an unmatched stage presence. With his powerful vocals and electrifying stage presence, Girish has captivated audiences worldwide and won the hearts of rock enthusiasts across the globe. 

Girish’s unwavering dedication to his craft and relentless touring schedule has earned him a reputation as a captivating live performer. His stage presence and dynamic vocal range have made him a favourite among rock enthusiasts.

Girish Pradhan’s birth, family, early career, and more

Girish Pradhan was born and raised in Gangtok, the city of the Indian state of Sikkim. Since early childhood, Girish displayed a deep passion for music, often found singing along to his favourite rock songs. He completed his schooling in Gangtok before pursuing his higher studies. Coming from a supportive and musically inclined family, Girish received encouragement from his parents to pursue his dreams.

His mother, Bimla Pradhan, is a famed Nepali singer. Because Girish and his brother Yogesh were raised in a musically-inclined family, taking the stage came easily to them. They recognized his talent and provided him with the necessary resources to nurture his musical abilities. He grew up listening to his mother and a variety of musical genres. He used to try singing like his musical heroes. 

Girish started his first metal band, Anarchy, when he was in Class 9th. His father managed the band, and they played in some of Gangtok’s largest concerts. Not after long, In 2009, Girish formed his band, Girish and The Chronicles, better known as GATC, marking the beginning of his professional music career. The band’s lineup comprises drummer Nagen Mongrati, bassist Yogesh Pradhan, lead guitarist Suraz Sun, and vocalist Girish Pradhan. The band quickly gained popularity for their energetic live performances and infectious rock melodies. 

Girish Pradhan’s Instagram, Albums, Headquarters, and Tours

Girish Pradhan maintains an active presence on Instagram, where fans can follow him for updates on his music, upcoming performances, and personal insights. His Instagram handle, @girishpradhanofficial, serves as a platform for him to connect with his follower count of 20.4K, and shares his song covers and originals. Therefore, Girish Pradhan’s Instagram charge for one Instagram post is- 

Instagram reel- 10K – 40K

Instagram story- 5K – 30K

Instagram static- 5K – 50K

Instagram carousel- 5K – 30K

Since 2013, GATC headquarters have been in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The group has released three studio albums till now. Girish and The Chronicles’ careers gained significant traction with the release of their debut album, “Back on Earth,” in 2011. The album showcased the band’s versatility, blending hard rock with melodic hooks, and featured Girish’s distinctive vocals. Since then, Girish and The Chronicles have continued to impress with their subsequent releases, including the albums “Rock the Highway” (2013) and “The Dark” (2017). 

These albums showcased the band’s evolution and showed Girish’s growth as a songwriter, with deeply personal lyrics resonating with their growing fanbase. His stage presence and dynamic vocal range have made him a favourite among rock enthusiasts. GATC has performed at numerous prestigious music festivals and shared stages with renowned artists, solidifying their position as a major rock act. 

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Trivia or Amazing Facts about Girish Pradhan

  • At age 16, Girish purchased the album “The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden. He liked it so much that it took a year to perfect their vocal technique.
  • He tried to learn four distinct singing styles, from rock to country, from one band and one song, i.e. the Eagles’ “Hell Freezes Over.”
  • Once when he came across Bon Jovi, he became utterly smitten with Jon Bon Jovi’s vocal technique, which helped his voice grow.