How Much Does Dynamo Gaming Charge for One Instagram Post?

How Much Does Dynamo Gaming Charge for One Instagram Post?

All gaming enthusiasts in the realm of this generation would’ve surely followed or taken guidance from Dynamo Gaming. Indeed, on second thought how much does Dynamo Gaming charge for one Instagram post? Well! his knowledge & skills in gaming verticals are enough to prove his worth.

Aaditya or Dynamo Gaming has come along to prove his interest in gear as his success story whilst making it definite as his permanent space. Read here about Dynamo Gaming’s biography, education, family, Instagram charge, height, age, girlfriend, parents, wiki, YouTube, and many more here. 

Dynamo Gaming Wiki, Biography, Family, and more

Aaditya D Sawant/Dynamo Gaming was born on 3rd June 1997, to Deepak Sawant & Vaishali Sawant in Mumbai, India. Moreover, he has a sister Aradhaya Sawant who is a fashion model. Certainly, there is no information updated about his schooling. But he completed his graduation in Business Management. Moreover, there is no update about his other personal life sphere. 

Dynamo Gaming Career, Girlfriend, Instagram Charges, and more

Aaditya Sawant has been rumored to date a live streamer- Kanika Bisht who is stated to be his girlfriend. Dynamo Gaming- this YouTube channel was started in 2010. Initially, it catered to video content on Apex, Battlefield, and GTA.

However, after the launch of PubG, Aditya saw a revolutionary increase in the number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Dynamo has a gaming clan named “Hydra Clan”. Further, during his gaming banter two of his dialogues became famous- “Baap se panga nahi le bete” and “Patt se headshot”.

Moreover, during the COVID lockdown, he started daily vlogging with the name “Dynamo Vlogs”. It is noted that his uncle Sameer Kandalkar supported him in live streaming. This 25 year-old boy has marked a significance in guiding & playing games, which is enough to support his Instagram fanbase of 2.1M. Thus, the charges of one Instagram post of Dynamo Gaming are-

Instagram Story- 2- 3lacs

Instagram Static- 90k- 1lacs

Instagram Reel- 3- 4lacs

Instagram Carousel- 1- 2lacs

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Aditya D Sawant/ Dynamo Gaming Controversies

In 2019, on September 16th he was trolled for making the sexiest comments during his live game streaming. 

He was once suspected of using the slashed/hacked version of PubG. Indeed, some of the growing & initial YouTubers accused him of entitlement but he didn’t lose hope & during an interview tried his best to convince his fans to not believe the acquisitions. 

Facts/Trivia about Dynamo Gaming

  • His friends & family fondly call him Adi
  • He has said in an interview his interest sphere of playing PubG
  • Aditya was a gaming enthusiast since his childhood as he used to play games with 5rs that his mother used to give him to eat samosas
  • Dynamo Gaming- the word Dynamo was added from this favorite magic show “Dynamo Magician”
  • He has two dogs Nobita & Dobby as he is an ardent dog lover
  • His right forearm has a tattoo in Mandarin
  • Adi loves to play guitar in his free time
  • He admires Alan Walker & has got a chance to meet him in 2019
  • He has been ranked No.1 in 2019 in the first level of voting for the PubG Mobile star challenge
  • Dynamo Gaming has admitted that success made him mad & he even spoke badly to netizens which in turn caused him to face bad comments. Due to this he got demotivated & stopped YouTubing however, his father asked him to apologize & restart the journey