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How Much Does Bohemia Charge for One Instagram Post?

“Kudi Kehndi Baby Pehla Jaguar lai lo”- you must have sung the rest song after reading this initial line. Well! how much does Bohemia charges for one Instagram post? This is one of the most verbalized questions of brands about him. Indeed, that’s certain to apprehend about as he is truly a legend who knows how to style the rhythmic tunes into a well-organized rap.

Certainly, building formulaic expressions into songs isn’t an easy task to accomplish, thus, it needs skills like his to bring out the best. Read here about Bohemia’s real name, wiki, personal life, biography, origin, career, songs, rappers, Punjabi songs, wife, Indian songs, Instagram charges, new songs, religion, and more. 

Singer Bohemia’s Wiki, Personal Life, Biography, Religious History, Wife, Parents, Siblings, and more

Bohemia or Roger David as his real name was born on the 15th of October 1979 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan in Christianity religion but his family was a Pakistani Punjabi Christian family. Certainly, information about his parents, siblings, father, mother, brother, schooling, college, and education, is not known.

But the little accompanied material is that he has a sister & is a school dropout. Moreover, he attained his educational learnings at (then) North West Frontier Province. It is mentioned that he shifted to the US with his family when he was 13 years. Also, he is married to Sunny David. 

Singer Bohemia’s Career, Instagram Charges, Rapping, Punjabi Songs, Bollywood Debut, and more

Certainly, Bohemia’s music career took origin in Oakland, California when he connected with his cousin in 2002. Bohemia’s cousin used to work in a studio in West Oakland & he introduced him to Seth Agress (Sha One)- a young hip-hop producer.

Over a certain time, they together decided to start a record label named as- The Outfit Entertainment. Subsequently, Sha once noticed Bohemia’s rapping skills & asked Roger to connect rapping with his beats.

Next, Bohemia was armed with collections in a couple of months & made his debut shot with Vich Pardesan De (In the Foreign Land) – an autobiographical tale of his lifespan as a Desi youngster espousing to the boulevards of America, which he and Sha One produced together. 

Their first single “Sha Te Ra” was released as a music video, but the track itself was not counted in Vich Pardesan De. However, the following albums made a breakthrough in his career. Indeed, Pesa Nasha Pyaar was his first full-length Punjabi rap produced by a prominent label.

He has performed in many Bollywood (such as Chandni Chowk to China & Dishoom, etc) & Punjabi songs while achieving numerous awards and achievements. Thus, here is the list of his songs & raps. Now, Bohemia in himself is a brand to make the best out of the given materials to him. Even though he has a fan following of 2M & his Instagram charges for one post are-

Instagram story- 1- 2lac

Instagram reel- 3- 4lac

Instagram static- 80k- 90k

Instagram carousel- 70k-1lac

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  • His nickname is Bohemia & Raja
  • Roger David is the real name of Bohemia
  • His forefathers were Sikh & his father was an employee at Pakistan International Airlines
  • Bohemia isn’t satisfied rapping style of Bohemia & believes his raps to be unreal
  • His stage name is Bohemia
  • He learned musical art from his father & used to do poem writing
  • He lost his mother at the age of 16 as she suffered from cancer
  • Bohemia’s poetries are written in Urdu & Punjabi