Idiotic Media | How much do Prerna & Harsh charge for One Instagram Post?

How much do Prerna & Harsh charge for One Instagram Post?

Welcome to the opulent realm of Wanderers Hub’s dynamic couple, Prerna & Harsh. Prerna and Harsh maintain an enviable lifestyle, filled with a love of travel and finer things in life. They provide a look into the world of opulent family travel by inviting fans to accompany them on their ostentatious global travels via their Instagram account.

Travelers Prerna and Harsh are not like other travelers. They have established a name for themselves in the world of travel influencers thanks to their taste for luxury and their thirst for adventure. By traveling to far-off places and engaging in opulent experiences, Prerna and Harsh are living their dreams and encouraging others to follow suit.

Elegant Family Vacations: Their Clear Look

Prerna and Harsh are unique in that they are dedicated to providing opulent family vacations. They go on amazing, glamourous, and family-friendly adventures with their kids along. Prerna and Harsh don’t cut corners when it comes to giving their family lifelong memories, whether it’s vacations at five-star resorts or private homes.

Travel with Prerna and Harsh as they discover world-famous sites, undiscovered treasures, and everything in between. Whether they’re skiing in the Swiss Alps or sipping champagne on a yacht in the Mediterranean, their Instagram account demonstrates their extravagant lifestyle and passion for travel.

Travel Advice & Strategies: Expert Advice

Prerna and Harsh provide insightful advice and helpful hints for would-be tourists in addition to sharing their personal travelogues. With advice ranging from packing tips to suggested destinations, they use their knowledge to make it easy for their fans to arrange their own opulent vacations.

One thing is evident as we bid Prerna and Harsh farewell to us on our adventure through their world: they are passionate about family, travel, and luxury. It shows in everything they do. They encourage people to dream large and enjoy life to the fullest, one opulent adventure at a time, via their Instagram presence.

Instagram reel- 40k-90k

Instagram story- 30k- 80k

Instagram static- 30k-80k

Instagram carousel-25k-70k

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Trivia or Amazing Facts about Prerna & Harsh

  • They are Luxury Family Travelers.
  • They have 14 Million + subscribers on Youtube.