Idiotic Media | How much do Atiksha & Tarun (The Curly Couple) charge for one Instagram post?

How much do Atiksha & Tarun (The Curly Couple) charge for one Instagram post?

Atiksha and Tarun are companions not just in life, but also in laughter. Their journey into content creation began with a shared desire to bring joy and fun. The Curly Couple’s Instagram feed is a vivid canvas that depicts the spirit of their relationship: a lively, witty, and loving link that connects with fans all around the world.

Atiksha’s infectious laughs and clever charm match Tarun’s comedic timing and upbeat personality. They constitute a dynamic duo that effortlessly blends humor with the everyday intricacies of being a couple. The Curly Couple’s content goes beyond standard comedy, revealing the genuine love and camaraderie that characterize their partnership.

“Comedy in Coils: Atiksha & Tarun’s Instagram Symphony of Humor and Love”

This couple has received great appreciation for their ability to make commonplace events hilarious. Followers thank Atiksha and Tarun for their daily doses of amusement, praising their chemistry, relatability, and remarkable ability to find humor in even the most mundane situations. The couple’s genuineness and infectious delight have gained them a devoted following.

The Curly Couple’s Instagram account is more than simply a collection of amusing videos; it’s a comedic journey through the ups and downs of love and daily life. As a couple comedians, they create each post as a collaborative creation, using their curly charm to convey joy to the internet world. Atiksha and Tarun’s Instagram feed is more than simply comedy; it’s a celebration of love, laughter, and the unique moments that characterize their relationship.

“Funny Love Notes: Atiksha & Tarun’s Comedy Adventure in the Digital World”

Atiksha and Tarun’s journey extends beyond their roles as couple comedians; they are Instagram mischief-makers who have built a community that crosses traditional boundaries. Their platform transforms into a venue where the joy of shared laughter meets the warmth of genuine connection, offering fans a one-of-a-kind blend of entertainment and companionship. The Curly Couple’s influence stems not just from the laughter they generate, but also from the sense of camaraderie and happiness they foster among their Instagram followers.

Atiksha and Tarun’s approach to content creation is both creative and unique. With their humorous viewpoint, they inject levity into everyday events, elevating the ordinary to the remarkable. The Curly Couple’s Instagram is more than simply a place to show off humorous videos; it’s a canvas on which they paint the digital landscape with love and laughter, engaging with their audience through wit and charm.

Instagram reel- 40k – 90k

Instagram story- 30k- 80k

Instagram static- 30k – 80k

Instagram carousel- 25k – 70k

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Trivia or Amazing Facts About Atiksha & Tarun

  • They have recently opened their fast-food restaurant.
  • They mostly make relatable and observation-based content.
  • They act, direct, and conceptualize the content all by themselves.