Idiotic Media | How much did Satvik Sankhyan charge for one Instagram post?

How much did Satvik Sankhyan charge for one Instagram post?

TikTok has had a significant impact on the youth, both positive and negative. It was introduced as a medium of expression, to be more comfortable in our skin, embrace flaws and accept changes. It provided a platform for young people to showcase their creativity and express themselves through short-form videos. This can help boost their confidence and develop their artistic skills.

Unlike other social media platforms that prioritize longer-form content, TikTok’s videos are typically 15-60 seconds in length, making them easy to consume and share. This has made the app particularly popular among younger generations who have shorter attention spans and prefer bite-sized content. 

And now the reins to entertainment are in the hands of Instagram reels, the social media platform that allows you to access entertainment from any remote corner. Now entertainment comprises various factors, that make it engaging for you, these may vary from person to person, but the one thing that stays common throughout is the content creator, especially the one we all adore. The cute and charming Satvik Sankhayan. 

Exploring the real life of reel star, Satvik Sankhayan

The dashing Indian actor and model have made a place for himself in the industry from a very young age. A next-door boy, born and brought up in Chandigarh, Punjab. He has wanted to be an actor since his childhood, from imitating and memorising Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogues in front of the television to lip-syncing them on TikTok, Satvik has come a long way.

His charm and cute looks never fail to swoon the girls, Satvik is a content creator and influencer on Instagram After the crash of TikTok in India, he has managed to retain his fanbase through his hilarious content on Instagram. He is known for creating fresh and funny content that never fails to make us laugh and roll down on the floor. Satvik is also extremely active on his social media accounts, and we sure are impressed that he doesn’t keep us waiting and longing for more.

He has also collaborated with multiple fitness and skincare brands, he is known for his clean and sleek fits and often makes GRWM to keep his fans engaged on Instagram. His content is extremely relatable to tweens since it is mainly comic and heartbreak, a phase often observed in budding ‘adults’. Apart from his content, Satvik is an extremely humble person, and can hardly be seen lashing out or losing control in anger except when he is on camera, and the character demands it. Satvik is an extremely humble and down to earth to earth person, that continues to woo us on and off camera. 

Considering we all know Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 1 billion active users. It is also a great platform for content creators, providing a space to showcase their work and reach a large audience. Satvik has done extremely well for himself, creating his own space in a tough and competitive environment like Instagram, and swimming with big-time creators. But that is the beauty of social media, you never know when the tables turn. 

Crunching numbers with Satvik Sankhayan 

Satvik has a following of over 463k on Instagram, and he knows how to manoeuvre them and target his fans to use a product or an experience, his talent on camera is widely followed and thus he is in multiple brand collaborations and endorsements on Instagram. Considering his fans are mainly tweens, he has a hold over that sector. Here is what he charges to post on his Instagram:

Instagram story- 70- 90k

Instagram reel- 1- 2lac

Instagram static- 70- 80k

Instagram carousel- 90k- 1lac