Top Retail Influencers on Instagram you must look into

Top Retail Influencers on Instagram you must look into

Retailing as an operation traces its origin way back to the barter system or even earlier, with everything happening around us “retailing” is the best therapy, now that’s what you call an evolution!

The comfort of cherishing something bought, or possessing the power to sell is magical, now imagine something this soothing could actually make you bucks, let me introduce you to the world of Retail Influencers…(drumroll) 

Retail Influencers are people capable of influencing your purchase decision by informing you of the ins and outs of the product you are thinking of getting, all that information is available over the internet, and you can easily access it to simplify your buying decisions. They are being sought out in the current time with the market flooded with new and innovative products, services, and experiences.

The idea of retail influencers gained its peak when the pandemic hit, with people stranded, online shopping was their way of seeing the outside world.

Retail influencers come in handy when you are shopping in an unfamiliar sector, they can simplify jargon for you thus giving you an edge. It is almost like having a salesperson assist you around the virtual shopping mall except the virtual salesperson will not bombard you with questions. 

Top retail influencers on Instagram that will make your shopping spree an experience to remember!

1. Shyamal & Bhumika

The dynamic duo from Ahmedabad continues to spin heads to glorious Indian heritage. They started their venture in 2000, and have been working collectively to provide aid in bridal shopping, an ever-evolving, and ever-growing industry.

Indian heritage shines in their designs, the fabric, the handicrafts, the embroidery all of it screams India and takes us back to our roots. Handling their own domains in the business, the duo is sure to get your attention with their vibrant personality!

2. Bunnai by Pari Choudhary

Pari started her retail journey in 2016, with the idea of highlighting ethnicity. She successfully built a brand that caters to women’s ethnic need and is also extremely affordable, not just that she recently expanded to jewelry and beautiful handmade jutis that is sure to make you stand out!

3. Nandini N.| Interior Designer

A girl with dreams in her eyes and skyscrapers for hope, she started her firm to assist people who wish to turn their houses into homes. Retailing is an experience and she is the embodiment of the same, giving you your vibe at your home. If you ever wish to see what you imagined your surrounding to be, check out her Instagram handle!

4. YashTV

There are times when we precede technology when instruction manuals aren’t handy and AI seems to make us dumb. In all those times, influencers like Yash educate us about simple things. We have all heard the word stocks or shares, but what actually happens in the market, what goes around, what exactly is the budget, and how does it affect us? All these questions are answered with utmost care.

5. Nidhi Katiyar

The skincare and makeup industry is flooded with people trying to sell you their products irrespective of your skin needs, that is where people like Nidhi Katiyar save the face! Her journey of being a retail influencer and a beauty blogger has been inspiring, her simplicity is what engages people!

    6. Raveena

    India is the land of values and religion, and the amount of plant-based food consumed in India surpasses most countries. Raveena is a certified raw chef in plant-based cuisine, she will take you on a journey of emotional healing through nutritious food that will enrich your mind and your body

    7. Swati Aggarwal

    At some point or another, all of us have undergone some form of body dysmorphia, a feeling that makes us question our existence, In all those times our attitude is the only thing that can fix us. Swati Aggarwal is a plus-size model, who owns her curves and encourages us to do the same!