Idiotic Media | How much does Themermaidscales charge for One Instagram Post?

How much does Themermaidscales charge for One Instagram Post?

Every one of us would have for sure come across her profile and quirky content on Instagram while scrolling the reel’s section. Indeed, the perfectly sculpted face and beautifully presented makeup skills are on point that adds stars to her cute face.

Certainly, she is amongst the top content creators and social media influencers on Instagram. Consequently, her content game is unique and has made her rule the hearts of her fans. So, if you are also Krutika’s content concepts & of course her from your hearts, then this little biography text packed about her is for you. 

Themermaidscales birth date, schooling, family, boyfriend, and more

Krutika was born on 5th December 1998 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Indeed, she completed her schooling in Mumbai itself. However, the school’s name and her college details are not known yet. She holds Indian nationality with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Moreover, her eye color and hair color are black. This 23-year-old girl has made everyone go woo with her content.

Also, her hobbies and likable things are cartoons, animation, content creation, and gaming. Further, to this, she is a fine makeup doer at least of herself which is evidently seen in her Instagram profile. Moreover, her favorite color is purple. In addition, the languages known to her are Hindi, English, and Marathi. 

Let’s Collaborate with Themermaidscales!

Krutika has an elder sister and cutely calls her Ms.Rat. Her sister is a content fashion & lifestyle-based content creator. Krutika is very private on her social media in terms of familiarizing her family or relationship. Indeed, there hasn’t been any information about her boyfriend or any relationship which allows us to assume that she is single. 

Krutika’s Tiktok, Instagram, Social media debut, and Content Creation

Themermaidscales is a popular content creator on Instagram with a follower count of 6.7 million. Therefore, her Instagram charge for one Instagram post is-

Instagram Reel- 2- 3lacs

Instagram Story- 1-2lacs

Instagram Static- 90k- 1lacs

Instagram Carousel- 80k- 90k

Certainly, she hopped on social media content creation through Tiktok where one of her videos went viral, and definitely people liked her outfits & content game. Primarily, she makes anime content type. Also, she calls herself a weeb who loves Kdrama and games. Basically, weeb is a type of non-Japanese person who loves and is obsessed with Japanese culture.

Indeed, Krutika also believes her to be a weeb. Recently, Themermaidscales was seen in a Netflix movie to promote Kdramas and Hallyuland. Now, her fan following and the social media attention she has earned through her work have made her reach new heights. Indeed, she is a part of many endorsements and promotions on her social media account. 

Trivia or Amazing facts about Themermaidscales/ Krutika

  • Krutika loves to travel, especially when it is about abroad. 
  • She owns iPhone and a house too
  • She has a luxury & great collection of fashion wear & accessories
  • She has done a collaboration to promote Mr. Marvel with Disney+hotstar
  • She loves eating healthy food & dislikes dieting
  • She wishes to travel to Korea & Japan and even wishes to get a tattoo there
  • She wishes to join BTS and Blackpink

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