How much does Faye D’Souza charge to post on Instagram?

How much does Faye D’Souza charge to post on Instagram?

Journalism is a crucial component of a functioning democracy, as it allows citizens to stay informed about the issues that affect them and hold those in power accountable. Journalists play a crucial role in society, and one such journalist who has made a significant impact in recent years is Faye D’Souza.

Faye D’Souza is an Indian journalist and television news anchor who has gained recognition for her bold and fearless reporting. She began her career as a journalist in Mumbai, where she worked for several years before joining Mirror Now, a news channel owned by The Times Group. D’Souza gained prominence in 2017 when she hosted a segment called “The Urban Debate” on the channel, where she discussed current affairs and issues affecting Indian citizens.

From Journalist to Activist: Faye D’Souza’s Passion for Social Justice

One of the hallmarks of D’Souza’s reporting is her willingness to take on powerful individuals and institutions and to ask tough questions that others may be afraid to ask. For example, she has spoken out against corruption in the Indian government and has criticized politicians for their failure to address pressing issues such as poverty, healthcare, and education.

D’Souza’s reporting has also focused on women’s rights and gender equality. In 2018, she spoke out against the widespread sexual harassment of women in India, calling out politicians and business leaders for their complicity in creating a culture that enables such behaviour. Her reporting helped to spark a national conversation about the issue and led to changes in the way that sexual harassment is addressed in the workplace.

In addition to her journalism work, D’Souza is a social activist passionate about promoting social justice and equality. She has used her platform to advocate for a range of causes, including women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and the environment.

One of the reasons why D’Souza has been so successful as a journalist is her ability to connect with her audience. She speaks to them in a language that they can understand, and she is not afraid to call out those in power for their failures. Her reporting is grounded in a deep commitment to justice and equity, and she is always willing to speak up for those who are marginalized and oppressed.

Another critical factor in D’Souza’s success is her commitment to using her platform for good. She has used her influence to raise awareness about important issues and to advocate for meaningful change. Her reporting has inspired countless people to take action and make a difference in their communities.

Despite criticism and pushback from those who disagree with her views, D’Souza remains committed to her work as a journalist and social activist. She has shown that even in a world where truth and justice are under attack, it is possible to make a difference by speaking out and taking action.

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Faye D’Souza is a journalist who has made a significant impact on Indian society through her reporting and advocacy. Her fearlessness and commitment to justice have inspired countless people to take action and fight for a better world. She serves as a powerful example of the crucial role that journalism plays in promoting democracy and holding those in power accountable. She is extremely vocal when it comes to speaking her mind, the powerful lady is into multiple brand deals on Instagram and here is what she charges for it:  

Instagram story-  90K – 1lac

Instagram reel- 1 – 2lac

Instagram static- 80 – 90K

Instagram carousel- 90K – 1lac