How much does Crafter Aditi charge to post on Instagram?

How much does Crafter Aditi charge to post on Instagram?

Oh my artists and paint splatters, have you heard of Aditi Agrawal? This lady is an extraordinaire artist who can transform any blank canvas into a stunning masterpiece. With her vibrant colours and unique textures, Crafter Aditi creates art that is not only visually appealing but also emotionally uplifting.

Aditi Agrawal: The Queen of Color and Creativity

Aditi’s passion for art began at a young age when she started drawing in her textbooks during boring lectures. Her creativity eventually led her to pursue a degree in Fine Arts. Aditi’s artistic skills are downright amazing! She can paint intricate details and mix colours that can leave you speechless. Her art is like a breath of fresh air, full of joy and optimism.

But Aditi is not just about painting – she’s a multi-talented crafter too! She can knit, crochet, sew, and make all sorts of DIY projects that will make you want to channel your inner Martha Stewart. Her Instagram page, @crafter_aditi, is like a craft lover’s paradise. She shares creative ideas that can inspire even the most uncrafty people out there.

Aditi’s creativity doesn’t just end with art, crafts, and food. She’s also a fashionista who knows how to rock her unique style like a pro. From bold accessories to quirky dresses, Aditi always looks effortlessly cool. Her shoe collection is so enviable that even Imelda Marcos would be impressed!

But perhaps what’s even more inspiring about Aditi is her heart. She’s a true advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. Her organization, “Art for Change,” uses art to promote social causes and raise awareness about important issues. Aditi is a true visionary who is changing the world one painting at a time.

Aditi’s journey as an artist and advocate began in her hometown of New Delhi, India. Growing up, she was surrounded by art and culture, and it wasn’t long before she discovered her own creative passions. She started with sketching and painting and eventually moved on to other mediums like fabric and yarn. Aditi’s love for crafts and DIY projects eventually led her to start her own blog and Instagram page, where she shared her creations with the world.

But Aditi knew that she wanted her art to be more than just a hobby – she wanted it to make a difference. That’s when she founded “Art for Change,” a nonprofit organization that uses art to promote social causes and raise awareness about important issues. Through her art and advocacy work, Aditi is empowering women and girls to break free from traditional gender roles and pursue their dreams.

Aditi’s art is a celebration of women’s strength and resilience. Her portraits of women are fierce and powerful, and they capture the essence of what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Her landscapes are full of colour and life, and they remind us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

But Aditi’s impact goes far beyond her art. Through her work with “Art for Change,” she is empowering women and girls to take control of their lives and their futures. The organization provides education and skills training to women and girls in India, giving them the tools they need to succeed in a male-dominated society.

Inspiring Change Through Creativity

Aditi’s work with “Art for Change” is just one example of how art can be used as a powerful tool for social change. Art has the power to inspire, to move us, and to change the world. And Aditi is leading the charge for a brighter, more inclusive future. Aditi’s Instagram is more than just colour and creativity, it is an immersive experience for all the little kids watching her create the impossible. No wonder the OG DIY artist gets into multiple brand deals through her Instagram page, and here is what she charges for it:

Instagram story- 60 – 70K

Instagram reel- 80 – 90K

Instagram static- 30 – 40K

Instagram carousel- 40 – 50K

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