How much did Sobhita Dhulipala charge for one Instagram post

How much did Sobhita Dhulipala charge for one Instagram post

We live in the digital era; gone are the days of pen and paper. Everything we see or do is somewhat affected by our digital use. OTT and web series play an enormous role in the way w behave and react, considering we behave differently for different people. Similarly, everything we see impacts us, sometimes little while sometimes life-altering.

With so much to learn about the digital era, we know so little and are indeed eager to explore. No matter what we do in our free time, we might find ourselves watching something in our free time in short, and digital folds surround us. Lucky for us, we have access to intelligent and intellectual content that challenges our brain capacity, making us wonder if there even was a box.

Some actors are just good at acting, while some leave an imprint on our minds, much like Sobhita Dhulipala, a phenomenal actress and a stunning model who has us all in awe of her beauty!

Exploring the real life of reel star, Sobhita Dhulipala

Born on 31 May 1992 in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, Sobhita grew up to be an excellent kid. With an interest in literature and economics, Sobhita read novels and pursued economics to upgrade her academic skills. She was never truly interested in films or filmmaking, or even modelling. Only later, she auditioned for Femme Miss India Earth on a friend’s suggestion and bagged the title in 2013. That boosted her self-confidence significantly, and there was a visible change in her lifetime. That life-altering moment later, she started getting her modelling gigs, and the stunning diva lept at those opportunities and established herself as a bold model in the modelling industry. 

With sharp facial features and a knack for acting, she debuted on the bigger screen with Raman Raghav 2.0, starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vicky Kaushal. Her first-ever big break went ahead to be a hit. It was nominated for Cannes Film Festival, the first time actor Sobhita Dhulipala was nominated for Critics’ Choice Best Performer, proving her excellency in acting. Sobhita has always been an all-rounder, proving her excellence in academics and later in modelling and acting. 

Sobhitha Dhulipala also starred in the spy thriller ‘Bard of Blood, based on the novel by Bilal Siddiqi. She had a peculiar interest in novels by Shakespeare and even quoted him often in her interviews. She even said she hadn’t dreamt about being an actor, and she just wanted to complete her graduation with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master in Commerce and Economics. Acting came to her as a blessing in disguise. We are sure glad that it did!

Crunching numbers with Sobhita Dualipa 

With over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, she knows how to grab attention. The stunning model/actress is a master of all fields she has stepped into; the next one is social media influencing; safe to say if she is the one influencing, we are ready to be influenced. Sobitha now plans to conquer the social media realm by wooing people with her stunning looks and banger attire.

Here is what she charges for posting on her Instagram:

Instagram Story- 80k- 1lac

Instagram reel- 1- 2lac

Instagram static- 60- 70k

Instagram carousel- 80k- 90k