How much did Ritu Rathee Taneja charge for one Instagram Post?

How much did Ritu Rathee Taneja charge for one Instagram Post?

Ritu Rathee Taneja, a big name in the social media industry. A strong independent woman who has successfully influenced millions of little girls, and made them believe that anything and everything is possible if you have the will for it. She is a Pilot and a Youtube vlogger and likes documenting her experience in short snippets for her fans. 

Her debut in the Bollywood industry was via the show Smart Jodi 2022 alongside her husband in 2022. Getting married to the love of her life after dating him for a year in 2015, Ritu has been living her life as colourful as ever. She enjoys travelling and singing. A mother to two beautiful daughters Kairavi and Chaitravi, she is a passionate and driven mother who inspires every other mother to take that leap and turn their dreams into realities. 

The diva completed her schooling at Blue Bells Model School Gurugram and her higher studies at St. Stephens College Delhi and then studied for her pilot training abroad. An exceptional student and an amazing person, no wonder she is loved dearly by all her fans. Ritu was first seen on screen through her husband’s vlogs ‘FitMuscle TV’, ‘Flying Beast’ and ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa’. She rose to popularity through those vlogs and decided to be a YouTuber and a social media influencer as well, she has been doing an amazing job at both! Ritu was born and brought up in a middle-class family and has seen the highs and lows of life, her best feature is how she persevered through the worst phase of life and traveled the distance, she continues to inspire us all!

Something extra about Ritu Rathee’s Life

Being brought up in a middle-class family, she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she faced the struggles and fought through the adversities of life. Ritu describes the toughest part of the journey was convincing her otherwise supportive parents to spend all the money they saved up for her marriage on her education instead. 

Despite being surrounded by stereotypical and judgemental adults she managed to chase her dreams, paying absolutely no heat to what people had to comment about her life choices. 

Apart from being an inspiration to millions of people, she is also an amazing daughter, mother, wife, and sister. She has seen problems upfront and has always faced her fears. Her lowest point was when she came back from her financially exhausting pilot training in the US, she was unable to find a stable job in India for over a year, and her family was living off of loans and was in a debt. That is also when she lost her mother due to a brain haemorrhage, but that did not hold the brave soul back.

Let’s Collaborate with Ritu Rathee Taneja!

She bounced back stronger than ever. At her first job as a co-pilot, she flew about 60 flights per month for a span of 4 long years before being appointed as the Captain. She is the epitome of perseverance. Her extravagant personality and active attitude led her to the opportunity of being able to meet the Former President of the United States, Barack Obama in Singapore through Google in 2019 along with her husband Gaurav Taneja. 

Income of the Inspirational Instagram Diva

Being practically a social media superstar, Ritu sure prints bucks via Instagram. Following is what Ritu charges for Instagram and brand collaborations.

Instagram story- 80k- 90k

Instagram reel- 1lac- 3lac

Instagram static- 70k- 90k

Instagram carousel- 80k- 1lac