How much did Nikhil Sharma charge for one Instagram post

How much did Nikhil Sharma charge for one Instagram post

Biking was never seen as a profession or a hobby in the early social media years. Where travelling set up its place in the list of adventurous stress busters, biking wasn’t far behind. 

The idea of wind gushing, clear skies, and a road full of opportunities, the one that was broadcasted in all liberating movies, was the life of bikers. Riding uphill to the toughest driveways or coming downhill makes many memories. The one that set up the ‘dream’ that is biking in India is Nikhil Anil Sharma. The pioneer of setting up moto vlogging in India. He glorified bike riding and inspired the younger generation to be safe and follow their passion, no matter how absurd or new it seems to their peers.

With over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Nikhil has made his way over many rocky roads. Born and raised in Mumbai, he is popularly known as Nikhil Mumbiker. 

Exploring the life of biker Nikhil Sharma

Pursuing Hotel Management from the Rizvi Institute of Management Studies, Nikhil later took up a job as a flight attendant for Qatar Airways and lived up in Doha, Qatar. Flying from one place to another, exploring cultures, and meeting people were so enticing that he decided to take the wheel on the road. 

Nikhil was an avid bike lover and used to ride his bike at the age of 15. What started as a hobby to document his journey in 2010 on YouTube later became a full-fledged business. His fans went crazy over his vlog on his trip to Ladakh in 2013. He romanticized a nice bike ride up the snowy mountains and overcame all the obstacles a biker faces. 

He was later seen on KTM Duke 360 on his journey b from K to K, Kashmir to Kanyakumari, which was practically the turning point of his life. His fans were thrilled to meet him at every pit stop he took. Nikhil became famous through his internet career and later tried his luck on the bigger screen with Emotional Atyachaar in 2014. Though he enjoyed being in front of the camera, he preferred being himself to holding character. 

Let’s Collaborate with Nikhil Sharma!

If you are a fan reading this, you must be familiar with his famous kick step. If not, have a look. It imitates Akshay Kumar’s kick step, an actor he idolizes and adores. Nikhil has always been a die-hard fan of action and adventure. Lucky for us, he incorporates both factors while documenting his journey into mini vlogs.

Married to Shanice Shreshta, a fellow actor and YouTuber, they tied the knot in Goa on 30 January 2021. Living the idol traveller life, they are now the parents of an adorable baby girl, ‘Sky’. 

Into the Instagram of Nikhil Sharma

The Instagram and YouTube sensation with over 3.95 million subscribers on YouTube as of 2021. Nikhil also owns a sporty clothing brand that goes by the name of LabelMN. His audience primarily includes motorbike junkies and travel enthusiasts—no wonder he can make big bucks via brand collaborations on Instagram. 

Here is what he charges for posting on his Instagram handle:

Instagram story- 60- 90k

Instagram reel- 90k- 1lac

Instagram static- 50-60k

Instagram carousel- 60- 70k