How much did Dimpi Sanghvi charge for one Instagram post?

How much did Dimpi Sanghvi charge for one Instagram post?

The world of fashion and travel is practically insatiable, with people searching for something new or the idea of reviving something old. With recent trends coming up every second, it is hard to keep up, and thus some of the best fashion influencers guide us through the steps of what to wear confidently. Indeed, it is a long journey from wearing just trendy clothes to our personality, and that too with utmost style.

But to live in a world where confidence and kindness infused together can guide you through the toughest paths, it is still vital to dress the way you can channel your confidence; once you have it in you, no one can take that away, not a hanger full of designer clothes or a fashion designers blog. 

But we do resort to looking pretty to get a hold of our confidence, striving in this competitive and fast-paced world, whatever works for you!

To our luck, our passion is our strongest weapon and armor. The ones who chase it instead of an ideal lifestyle model set by society can never go wrong with their decisions. The person in inspiration, in this case, is Dimpi Sanghvi, the ultimate fashion and travel influencer who chose her dreams over society’s expectations. 

Exploring the life of a traveller, Dimpi Sanghvi

Initially a management graduate in the post-teen years of her life, she had her life together in terms of a stable job, corporate life, and mundane 9-5 work hours, but something felt off; not every time stability comes with comfort. That is when Dimpi decided to start a blog on fashion, which was popularized by the name ‘Wardrobe Secrets.’ 

The level of comfort blogging gave Dimpi, no amount of paychecks could ever replace that, and that is when she decided to make her passion her source of income! It was a now-or-never situation for her, and well, let’s just trust our instincts when it comes to major life decisions. 

She gives the credit for her success to her husband Shashank; he was there for her when she decided to transition, uproot a stable career and follow her passion which may or may not have strived in the real competitive world! The cute traveller couple continues to inspire and aspire to do better; they currently work together on their youtube channel, ‘The Offbeat Couple,’ and that is how they describe their relationship.

Having a soft spot for travelling and exploring the world, they plan to bring all the stones of their lives together. The couple also posts pictures of travelling and doing fun couple activities together, which are major goals!

Dimpi Sanghvi prefers a more comfortable and relaxed style but also loves experimenting with her looks; she strongly believes he needs to try fashion trends before commenting on them; being a fashion influencer, he owes her audience full transparency and information of her fashion updates. Thus she is constantly evolving with the fashion industry.

Crunching Numbers with Dimpi Sanghvi

Being an absolute diva with over 3.7 million followers on Instagram, it is hard not to attract attention. Dimpi has been in tie-up with world-renowned brands like BBlunt, Superdry, Lakme, Steve Madden, Nike, Versus by Versace, etc.

Her reach to her audience is fabulous, considering she captured a large share of the fashion industry in a brief period. Here is what she charges to influence her fans on Instagram:

Instagram story- 1- 2lac

Instagram reel- 2- 3lac

Instagram static- 90k- 1lac

Instagram carousel- 2- 3lac